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BARRY TRIPP/ Co-Founder & President: Barry has been coaching & mentoring young, professional snowboarders, skateboarders, and surfers for decades. Barry is a LEVEL 200 USSA snowboard coach. Barry has coached at the college level and at the high school/middle school levels.  From 2014-2017, Barry was the coach for the freeride and snowboard program at the University of Maine Farmington – UMF.  In the earlier days, Barry, was the snowboard program manager for Carrabassett Valley Academy. Barry was also a freelance coach traveling the world mentoring, coaching and inspiring young aspiring professional snowboarders, surfers and skateboards. Barry is always driven towards the passion, commitment and creativity that make snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding fun. If you do not see Barry on a snowboard, you will probably see him on at a local skateboard park or surfing the waves throughout Maine surf breaks.

SHERRI TRIPP/ Co-Founder & Treasurer: Sherri has been a recreational snowboarder for nearly 20 years. Sherri and Barry have spent countless hours volunteering and assisting at snowboard venues during the years their son, Jasper, was riding and competing throughout the USA. Jasper now lives in the Tahoe area and is very involved with the launch and successes of THE RIDERS CLUB. Sherri was born and raised in Vinalhaven, Maine, an island off the coast of Rockland. After college, Sherri worked as a software consultant/engineer for technology start-ups during the .COM era in New York, New Jersey, Texas and California. Sherri is also a jewelry artist, certified yoga/Pilates, fitness professional instructor and coordinates & manages after school programs.

SETH WESCOTT/ Executive Vice President (Pro snowboarder): A legend in snowboarding!! The list of accomplishments for Seth, including his two-time Olympic gold medalist speaks for itself. In 2006, Seth solidified his place in SBX history when he became the first man to win Olympic gold and he repeated that performance once again in 2010. Seth also holds the record for the most competition starts at WinterX and has countless snowboard awards & accomplishments through his career in World Cups, World Championships, Grand Prix’s and many more. Before SBX, Seth started riding pipe at the age of 10, where he began developing, his revolutionary skills and passion for the sport of snowboarding. Seth also enjoys surfing, reading and golfing. He also co-owns a restaurant called “The Rack BBQ” at Sugarloaf. Seth and his wife Kitt are the proud parents of their new baby girl.

DAN MARION/ Vice President (Pro skier): A well-known face at WinterX, Dan has been competing since the early 2000s. He has top finishes in Super Pipe & Park, competing in high level events such as the Dew Tour and the WinterX games. Dan has a passion for coastal and marine practices and is currently working towards his degree. Dan also enjoys skateboarding, surfing, growing flowers and mentoring young athletes. If you don’t see Dan on the slopes or surf, chances are you will find him farming on his plantation!!

LAURA “Hop” MATHISEN/ Vice President: Hop served in the Air Force and then pursued a career in occupational health. Hop served many years as an executive and senior manager for Environmental, Health & Safety programs at Bath Iron Works (BIW). She also resides on national committees, in the fields of safety and compliance. Hop is well-known in the surfing circle in Old Orchard Beach, Maine where she is one of the most fun surfers to hang with and share stories. Hop has a passion for helping young athletes and she volunteers at many venues throughout Maine. Hop enjoys playing hockey, surfing, skiing, skateboarding and biking.

SEAN MACKAY/ Assistant Vice President: Sean has been snowboarding for a decade and is the classic example that it’s never too late to start. He has been a dedicated participant, volunteer and spectator at snowboard events throughout Maine. Sean is a part owner and technical director of CEMServices Inc., an air quality consulting firm servicing the northeast. CEMServices specializes in continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) audits and source emissions testing at power plants and industrial facilities, helping them achieve compliance with local, state and federal regulations including the Clean Air Act. When not traveling around the northeast testing stacks, Sean resides at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine with his wife and three children.

DENISE GAY MATHISEN/ Executive Secretary: With a BS in business and a Masters in Health Psychology, Denise is the Chief Compliance Officer at MaineGeneral Health. Denise has years of experiences with writing grants, volunteering and mentoring young athletes. In November 2013, MaineGeneral opened a state-of-the-art health care facility and Denise led the compliance efforts toward the transition of over 100 patients to the new Alfond Center for Health in Augusta. Denise enjoys walking her dog, hiking, biking, volunteering, cooking and creating stain glass art.

NANCY LUND/ Nancy has been snowboarding for more than 25 years and was a silver and bronze medalist at the USASA national snowboarding championships. Nancy has been a competitive athlete for most of her adult life and garnered accolades in the summer biathlon where her shooting and running skills earned her a national ranking of 9th overall. She was also a nationally ranked runner and was named Maine Runner of the Year by the Portland Press Herald in the mid-1990s. Her career as a nurse has been capped by her current 13-year tenure at OA Centers for Orthopaedics, the premier center for orthopaedics in Maine, where she has been the nurse for a prominent knee and shoulder surgeon. Nancy is also an accomplished craft artist with a particular focus in dollmaking, glass fusion and painting. When she’s not on the hill at Sugarloaf, she can usually be found behind her sewing machine or glass grinder.

KEVIN MCCARTHY/ Assistant Vice President: Kevin began skiing at age 10 in the suburbs of New York City and began snowboarding 30 years later. 20 years after that he’s having too much fun snowboarding.  He raced alpine and a ski-jumped on his college ski team 40 years ago, but has won silver and bronze medals in boardercross at the USASA national snowboarding championships. He was a bodyguard to Paul and Linda McCartney, appeared in Aida at the Vienna State Opera and drove a Checker cab in New York City. He survived an avalanche in the Canadian Rockies – and was hoisted out of harm’s way by a helicopter. Along the way he’s played guitar and bass in rock and jazz bands, raised a family, practiced law, was the chairman of his town council, served on various for-profit and non-profit corporate boards and today runs a real estate development and management company in Portland that owns and manages properties across the country. But wherever he is, his heart is always in the woods at Sugarloaf.

DENISE MACKAY/ Denise has been a recreational snowboarder for 15 years. She is passionate about helping to create an environment of affordability within the sport of snowboarding with The Rider’s Club. She spent many years in the hospitality industry as a trainer and manager for the House of Blues and The Hard Rock Café. She moved to Carrabassett Valley in 2011 and works in Special Education at Stratton School in Stratton, Maine. She enjoys volunteering for the local Parent/Teacher association as well as reading, cooking and singing. Denise lives at Sugarloaf with her husband Sean.

Meet a few more of the crew making THE RIDERS CLUB A SUCCESS:

Volunteers, Mentors & Riders!!

(this list is in no particular order and is a partial list of supporters )

  • McKenzie Goozey
  • Luke Brown
  • Max Press
  • Alex Lund
  • Ian Daly
  • Seth Wescott
  • Brian Randall
  • Jasper Tripp
  • Don Skillings
  • Wilson Friend
  • Tim Norton
  • Jack Kyle
  • Nicoli Botti
  • Jack Dawe
  • Rachel Jackson Hodsdon
  • Emily Eames
  • Jeff Strunk
  • Jason Webber
  • Adrian Brochu
  • Max Schulz
  • Ryan McDermott
  • Libby McCarthy
  • Andy McDermott
  • Colin Campbell
  • Peter Hansen
  • Karen Malone
  • Yvonne DeCory, M.D
  • Nick Poplawski
  • James Campbell
  • Deb Bowker
  • Barbaralyn Walen
  • John Poulin
  • Janet and Bob Peruffo
  • Andy and Wendy Rosenthal
  • Ben Eames
  • Hank Poulin
  • Ty Casey
  • Morgan Casey
  • Kasey Kelley
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